You will need
  • - bathing sand chinchillas;
  • - plastic container;
  • - cotton pads.
Let your Jungaria to carry out manipulations for cleaning their own coats on their own. It just seems that all animals must necessarily take a bath, like himself. In practice, very few mammals are really in need of water procedures. Carefully watch your hamster and you will notice that a very large amount of time he spends brushing their own fur, like a cat. Drugarice very clean and just can't admit that their coat remains glued to the hairs, and even more crumbs.
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For a more thorough hygiene is needed hamsters take sand baths. Contrary to popular belief, brushing his fur in the sand is not only a chinchilla, but other types of rodents. Purchase at the pet store special bathing sand chinchillas and they fill a small swimming bath. For the Djungarian hamster as a bath can serve as a small plastic container, but you can purchase and special bathing. Pour a small layer of sand (2-3 cm) and set the container in the cage. If need be, your hamster would take it as directed.
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If you see that a hamster is dirty so much that no wyczesany and bathing in the sand can't come clean, wipe it with a damp cotton swab. Size Jungaria allows you to use for this purpose ordinary cotton pads. Dampen one disc with warm water and gently wipe the fur coat your little friend until the complete disappearance of contamination. Once the dirt is gone, be sure to dry homco another cotton pad. It is important that the fur baby is not left wet as draughts or cold it can easily catch a cold.
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