Before buying a new cooler, you need to figure out which cooler you need. Most of the coolers for CPUs are universal, but, nevertheless, there are exceptions, so find out what socket you have on the motherboard.
Figure it out you must look in the manual to her. If no instructions, then download any diagnostic program such as CPU-Z. you can Find it on the manufacturer's website
Unzip the archive and run the file cpuz.exe. The program does not require installation and will start immediately. On the CPU tab look for the line Package, the label next to it will be the socket on your motherboard (for example, Socket LGA 1156).
In addition to the socket, the cooler still differ in cooling efficiency and noise level. Many specialized sites is often carried out comparative tests of coolers, you can find them on pages, or When done selecting, go to the store and buy.
Make sure that included with the cooler is thermal grease. If not, then buy it at a computer store or radio parts store.
Now remove the old cooler. Fixing it may be very different, depending on the type of processor manufacturer and type of socket. Coolerand for Intel are mounted at the four corners on the screws or latches. What would make a cooler for AMD, you need to turn the lever 180 degrees and loosen the rocker arm that holds the cooler. After that, he easily comes off.
If the new cooler has a universal clip for all sockets, then look in the instructions how to install it. If the cooler is specialized, then put it in the same way as old was removed. Before you put the cooler, clean CPU from old thermal paste, and if necessary, apply a thin layer of new. Do not forget to connect the cooler to the power connector on the motherboard.