The most common way to strengthen the blood vessels of the nose is the drug Askorutin, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Part Ascorutin included ascorbic acid and vitamin P (rutin), strengthen blood vessels of the nose and makes them less brittle.
To strengthen the vessels in your nose, wash your nasal passages with salt water. Salt water can be obtained by mixing half a teaspoon is not iodized or sea salt and a Cup of warm boiled water. Young children instead of salt solution it is better to bury the nose and Throat.
The weakening of the vessels in the nose often occurs due to drying of the nasal mucosa. To avoid this, from time to time, the nostrils should be lubricated with vegetable boiled with oil or vaseline.
The enhancement of blood vessels contributes to the sufficient amount of vitamin C. Therefore, people suffering from frequent nasal bleeding, it is recommended to frequently eat foods rich in vitamin C: green tea, lemons, oranges, broth hips, black currants.
To strengthen blood vessels not just nose, but whole body, can regularly taking a cold shower.
An excellent tool for strengthening blood vessels the nose is a decoction of the bark of viburnum, which you need to take inside 3 times a day for 1 tablespoon. For the preparation of such funds will need 200ml of boiling water and 10g of the bark of viburnum.
A decoction of nettles is also not worse strengthens blood vessels in the nose. To make it easy. Two tablespoons of nettle should make a glass of boiling water. To make such a tool should be three times a day.