To go to America once in my life plans, anyone who knows English. Many are tempted by mentality and culture, other social security and a good insurance service, third - popular resorts, lowest prices on products and brands. Anyway, the conditions for travel to the country all the same. How to proceed if your intention is to move permanently?
First, it is worth remembering that the us government is not pleased to see who wants to work and has no positive recommendations. Should also find out how well you speak English, have you been before in the US, did you communicate with native speakers. All of this is important: if you studied the language in its classical variant, are unlikely to join in the conversation the first time.
There are several grounds for obtaining a visa to the United States. The main one is the presence of spouses or children of US citizens sending you an invitation. If not, is participation in the Green Card lottery. This card gives you and your family right to move to America, but not so fast. You first have to prove their financial viability - to provide data on accounts for a few thousand dollars (at least). You have to have money for rent, travel and food for almost half a year or a job offer. If there is one - the chances are increased.
What if none of these methods are not suitable? You can use the other existing options: fiance visa (not more than 3 months), work visa (3-6 years), business immigration, refugee resettlement. Of course, each application for a visa must be documented and be reasonable.