You will need
  • - an official document authorizing residence in the United States.
Arrange to work. This is the simplest method, requires no additional cost. For this you can use many sites for job seekers, such as and on these sites you can post your resume, and send it to those employers who have posted interesting jobs for you. Job offers can be found in Newspapers. If you for some reason can't work a full day, there are jobs part-time, mostly in the service sector.
Open your own business. This option of obtaining income is suitable for people having their capital or are willing to find investors for a future project. It should be noted that you must have special work permits in form L-1, green card or citizenship. Documents on business registration need to be submitted to the Secretary of state. In this advice it is better to contact a local lawyer - he will tell you the exact set of papers, depending on what form of business you want to register. Also, in addition to creating your own business, you can purchase an existing one.
A good way of earning in USA for Russian students may be the program Work&Travel. It applies to students of all courses, except the first and the last. It usually lasts for a year, at the end of which the student can travel on earned money. To obtain large amounts of the trip, most likely, will not work, but it is possible to recover the journey itself is possible. Organization of such trips in the United States in many travel companies and other organizations. They are looking for a student job, or doing it yourself. Usually positions for students include low-skilled work, e.g. work in restaurants. The cost of the program may vary depending on the range of services.