Very often citizens of other countries want to find a high paying job in Alaska and stay there to live. This state is a major center for the oil industry, and therefore, there is a constant need for workers of oil refineries. However, this area developed more and fishing. Getting such work is associated with certain difficulties, because the employer is ready to provide you a place to look for yourself. The easiest way to get to Alaska students. For them there are special programs, for example, is widely known Work and Travel. It allows to find seasonal work and make money.
In addition to the invitation from the employer, get a and work visa. For this we turn to the American Consulate. By the way, at the visa application center be sure to provide documents such as an invitation, passport, passport, three photos 3 to 4, a certificate indicating the future salary, a completed application form. In addition, collect the documents that confirm the ownership of a property, and also make prints.
Think beforehand about how you will get to Alaska. You have two options: to fly an airplane or sail on a transatlantic liner. Timely order the tickets for the chosen form of transport, otherwise you can not leave in time, or simply overpay.
As has been said, to get to Alaska can be in as a tourist. To do this you need to American Consulate a visa. The package of documents you must provide include a passport. Please note that the validity period should be not less than six months after the expiry of the requested visa. Still do 2 photos, fill out the form received at the visa application centre or downloaded from the official website.