Alaska is perhaps the most mysterious state of the USA: due to the harsh climatic conditions and remoteness from major industrial centers, the population density in Alaska is lower than in other parts of America. However, there are extreme athletes who go to Alaska for new experiences. Beautiful nature, tranquility and remoteness from the big cities entail unusual tourists in this reserved area. If you want to admire the beauty of the most Northern state of America, apply for a tourist visa and go.
To obtain authorization for tourism to America contact the visa center at the U.S. Consulate (the rules of this country require a personal appearance for submission of documents for visa). At the visa application centre you need to give biomedicinska materials (fingerprints) and obligatory package of documents.
It includes:
-the passport;
2 pictures 5X5 cm with gathered back hair;
-completed application form (issued by a visa office; also it can be found on the website of the US Consulate);
-evidence of your prosperous life in Russia and the unwillingness to emigrate to the United States (reference from place of study, of employment stating position and salary, the detail of the Bank account, marriage certificate, birth certificate of children documents on property ownership).
However, the main purpose of travel to Alaska is increasingly getting high-paying seasonal work. Alaska is a major center for the extraction and processing of oil; also in this state is well-developed fisheries. Every year hundreds of people from all over the world go to work in Alaska. Students can go to America for Work and Travel program and CCUSA. Adults unemployed citizens of Russia must find an employer in Alaska.
For a work visa in the US you will need:
-the passport;
-the invitation of the employer, certificate of employment with indication of future salary;
-a Russian passport and a photocopy of all its pages;
-3 photographs 3x4;
-completed visa application forms;
-documents confirming the ownership of a property in Russia;
-submit their biometric data (fingerprints).
The processing of documents for any visa is possible only after the payment of the consular fee. The cost for each visa varies.
To get to Alaska can be by sea – if you cross the Bering Strait or by plane. Arrival anchorage, capital of Alaska.