Before moving to a permanent place of residence, we need to live in the country at least a couple of months. During this time, you can decide whether you like it or not. But, unfortunately, most people do not have such opportunities, they are forced to make a decision remotely, i.e. without actual acquaintance with the country.

In the same town, different people feel differently, even if they are completely identical conditions. It is impossible to say exactly in which country you will be comfortable and pleasant to live and work. But it is possible to accurately identify the areas where you have not sweet. If you want to organize your business, you should not move to Western Europe. You just will not let it develop. All entrepreneurs in these countries are mostly hereditary, the stranger will be difficult even to register a legal entity.

But these countries are optimally suited for people with a strong accumulation and do not wish to exaggerate. There is a relaxed climate, friendly atmosphere, high standard of living. In America, on the contrary, it is easy to become an entrepreneur even if you have a small starting capital. But there are very harsh laws, the Russian people will be very difficult to adapt to them.

Choose the country that you are close to mentality. Orthodox man will be difficult to live among people who profess the Muslim or the Catholic religion. If you are planning to build a career, you should go to a country whose language you know or are close. For example, in Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova or Bulgaria. The adaptation period takes place very quickly.

There are several countries that are the most convenient conditions for visitors. Australia, Canada, New Zealand. These countries are interested in the emigrants. But to get to them is not so simple. You will need to learn the local language, to declare certain amounts and pass certain tests.

The "black" continent hardly anyone wants to even consider as an option. Low standard of living, the climate is unusual, the established tradition of the local population. All this will create quite serious difficulties with accommodation.

A good option is the Czech Republic. Because in this country quite comfortable, there is a high standard of living, good working conditions (including for their own businesses), very high prices for housing and food.

Not to be mistaken with a choice, you need to read reviews about different countries, to communicate with the local population, consider locations for possible work. After all, the right to a mistake in the choice you have.