First, you need to think about which text you will write, given its readability and the limited size of most tablets. Usually, for label placement uses a standard sheet of paper A4 or half, folded length with size 10.5 to 28 inches. Your task is to write a short text with a maximum load information.
Consider the placement of labels and size of fonts used. They should be easy to read and visible from some distance. Better if around the text will be left from all sides of the field, this visually sets them apart plates and attracts attention.
Activate the text editor and configure the settings page, specify the paper size and set orientation – portrait or landscape location of the sheet.
On the main panel, which is located on top, connect the Draw panel, usually after activation, it appears at the bottom of the window. Select the label and the rectangle, select the area where you will place your text.
Textual content can be printed by selecting the appropriate font, set its color and size. For better visualization, position the inscription is symmetrical relative to the center.
In this menu you can set the background color and, if necessary, choose a frame that will surround the text. The background color and the lettering is better to make the most contrast, it attracts attention and facilitates perception of the text.
Sign print on thick paper, glue it to a cardboard base for the best safety it is possible to laminate special transparent adhesive film. Hang a sign at your selected location just above eye level – at a height of 1.5 – 1.7 meters, then it will be visible to all.