From the point of view of the law a sign is any object on the outer wall or facade of a house, flat or voluminous, with information about your company. Completely flexible, it is illuminated or painted with paint on a Board made from recycled materials or fresh gleaming polished metal - in any case you will have to obtain a permit for its placement, since this tool of outdoor advertising.

Documents for registration signs

You will need to provide the local administration of a package of documents for permission to place signs.

First, you will need to confirm the right to property, if the house belongs to you. Prepare a notarized copy of the certificate of title. If the building does not belong to you, but you officially signed a lease for the space your organization will need a copy of this agreement with your printing.

Secondly, you will need to demonstrate the layout or design project the signs - as it will be located on the facade of the house, the installation of any structures required for its installation and what will be its final form. The project must be in color and provided with the assurance of the owner of the premises or an entire building that will host the sign and seal of the host organization, in four copies.

If the sign is already made and you are legitimizing ex post facto, will need color photos of the installed signs in two copies. If you first decided to prepare all the documents and only then do the installation, the photographs you will need to provide the installation report.

And another important point - if you sign used your company logo or trademark, you will have to confirm their rights to use it. As such proof suit certificate of registration or a signed agreement.

Placement of signs on an apartment building

If your premises is located in a residential building, and the sign you are going to place on the wall will have to be minutes of the General meeting of tenants, which will allow you to carry out this project. You need to be supported by not less than two thirds of owners of apartments. The most important thing in this situation to enlist the support of homeowners, it is not only help you figure out how to arrange the meeting, but will explain what actions will help to secure the necessary support. Usually, Association has no objection to the sign if the owner did something useful for the house - for example, painted a porch or helped to organize a children's Playground.