You will need
  • Sea salt
  • Flowers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • MOP
To clean up your life from negativity, start with cleaning. Get it out of their house all the things that attract unpleasant thoughts. If you bought an old house or a used car, get rid of anything left by the previous owners.
Free up space in your house. Get rid of any little broken things and chipped plates, as well as from all of what you never use.
A known method of purification of negativity any space – a bowl with salt. After you got rid of all unnecessary things, put in the Central part of your apartment with a Cup of sea salt. But make sure that she was without any additives.
Do well with cleaning your biofield from negative energies and incense sticks. As soon as you lit the stick, and on it started up a smoke, try to cut around it the contours of your body from all sides, starting from head and ending with feet together. Then acurite the room in which you are constantly starting from the nearest to the entrance right corner. So you banish all negativity from your living space.
You've cleared yourself from negativity. But don't forget to support this state. For this you will need flowers, they perfectly absorb the negative energy. And then you simply throw.