To completely cleanse the subconscious mind is not possible. You can only change some settings, replace unwanted reflexes is useful and to change their attitude to traumatic situations. The difficulty of working with the subconscious is illustrated by the adage that "you can't escape yourself". But some of the components themselves to escape still possible. For this there are some not very sophisticated equipment. First, change the environment radically, at least temporarily. Go to India, Tibet, Haiti... or at least clear the house in the village. In this case you have to fatigue to communicate, and in the evening to be alone and reflect. Log in communion with nature – go barefoot, bathe in cold water, take care of flowers, communicate with animals. Every night look at the stars, and eat unusual food.
Second, extremely useful practice of silence. She was known to the ancient Egyptians and is common in many modern religions. - Silence beyond the power of most modern people, so stick to the evening silence. It does not talk in the evening at least out loud, refrain from books, songs, Internet and television in the evening. Just watch and try not to comment out loud what he saw. It cleans both the mind and the subconscious mind.
Third, to cleanse the subconscious, you need to give yourself every morning sessions of forgiveness. This is done in the morning because during the night a serious offense held their own, but a serious, affecting the subconscious, and will remain. But with them and got to work. You need to imagine offended you man very satisfied and happy mentally and to draw near him myself too happy. Imagine that you offended the person extends a hand to you. Take it, smile and tell yourself that you have forgiven all. If you are a Christian, then go to confession, it eases the soul, both conscious and subconscious.