The easiest way to those who is highly sensitive and has a good touch with your subconscious mind. Such people can clean their power directly, just finding areas with alien energy, directing there attention and expressing the intention to clean these areas. They can feel the energy physically or perceive in the form of images. They can imagine that the negativity is burned or goes into the ground, or something else.
You can practice feeling energy and at the same time to try to clean it by strengthening their own threads. It is believed that people have two basic energy flow along the spine. One stream goes from the earth up through the feet and tailbone up and out through the crown. The second stream enters through the top and exits through the lower centers of man in the earth.Sit with a straight spine in a comfortable position, relax and try to feel these flows. At first these feelings may be subtle. The flows can be accelerated to its intention. When their power increases, the aura cleared away the blocks and tubes. The total energy is also growing. Be careful not to overdo it. There are bound to be discomfort and headache. In this case, take a break.
It is possible to implement clean energy by interacting with nature. It is useful to walk barefoot on the ground or sit on it. You can take a shower, imagining the water carries away all the negativity.Some trees (birch, aspen, Linden, poplar) allow for cleansing of the aura. They are able to pick up pathological destructive energy, and charge a positive (birch). Go to the tree, hug it or stand with your back to it, think about its purpose (cleaning). Wait a few minutes, you may feel waves of energy. Thank the tree.Remember that with such trees as aspen, it is better not to overdo it - they can weaken you. No need to make these sessions a long with a tree. It is undesirable to do this in the winter when nature sleeps.
Sit or lie down, relax. Concentrate on your breathing. Then imagine that with each exhale the negative energy out of your body, as you exhale it fills a positive. Maybe you feel uncomfortable in some parts of the body - try to breathe them.
Getting rid of negative memories and emotions helps to cleanse energy. Methods to do this, invented a lot. One of the most famous - the technique of recapitulation described in the books of Carlos Castaneda. The gist of it is that you remember the situation that ever knocked you off track and think about where you experience negative feelings. Remember all the details, the actors and the situation, their thoughts and feelings. Be the observer - don't estimate and don't draw conclusions, don't give in to emotions. Imagine watching a movie. Castaneda also recommends the use of the exhale as a tool to get rid of the negative charge memories. Also known technique of eye movement. But you can do without it. After a while you will notice that the situation no longer affects you.