Remove the negative thoughts

It is necessary to remind that the negativity does not rule over a man as long as not to respond to it. Then there can occur negative situations, unfamiliar or familiar people can say nasty things or do nasty things, but until it "takes root" inside of a person, negative thoughts fill the mind. As soon as people reacted, responded, and put another in place or showed a different reaction in response to external stimuli, the thought settles in his head, and with it the need to work to eliminate.

In working with negative thoughts it's important to recognize when these thoughts settle in my head. One of the techniques of work with this in mind – cutting. She does not study and analysis in this method you just need to cut off the thought, replacing it with something else, absolutely it is not related.

In another technique, the idea should not be cut, and viewed from side. You do not need to live it, you just need to consider, such as a shop window. In this situation we can ask ourselves: "what am I thinking now?", the idea will be seen as a foreign, not his own, and then live inside of it fails.

Another method, which involves getting rid of negativity – this is an exaggeration, reductio ad absurdum. When there is some negative thought, you need to start working in the direction of its exaggeration. So, the idea that now you will swear the head, can be developed further: he would put latecomers employee on peas in the corner of his office, and then in shame along with the rest of the staff will be walking and sinister laugh over it, then everything will begin to scratch and bite, etc. After another absurd thought sure you will be a smile on my face, and then the negativity will go away.

Another effective method of dealing with negative thoughts – the opposition. When a thought like "I have nothing", it needs to displace another, the opposite – "I will succeed".

Working with emotions

To work with emotions more complicated than his thoughts, because it is not always possible to keep track of which ones show up. But leave the negativity in yourself in any case impossible: it must out. However, this does not mean you have to splash out anger, resentment, sadness, anger or other negative emotions on others. There are special techniques on how not to harm and to help yourself.

One of these techniques is the "empty chair". You need to put in the middle of the room, an empty chair and put on him a stuffed toy or pillow, imagining her abuser. The offender here may be not a person but a thing, for example, a broken washing machine. And then you can Bang on "offender", to ask questions, stomp your feet or just to shout to all the negativity came out. Similarly, this technique can tear the paper, bad photos, breaking dishes as long as it brought benefit.

Also there is a technique that involves writing letters to those who once offended. This letter is not sent, and therefore can not mince words and write what you want. Then you can write a letter-answer, imagine yourself in the place of a man to apologize on his behalf, to justify. It is desirable to write what I would like to hear from the offender personally. After performing these exercises, you can cry, do not be afraid – so it goes negative.

To share or not to share

You should always remember not to throw out the negative on their loved ones. Just telling people about my difficult situation, part of the experiences responsible for them, and the man himself still does not solve your problem. You need to keep loved ones away from their problems or to start a conversation that will not end simply setting out the situation. It is better to ask for advice, understanding, just support, ie to get some feedback and not leave the other person alone with their problem.

If alone with the problem of negative perception of life to understand you can not, you can go to a psychologist. With him you can discuss everything without embellishment, without trying to spare his feelings. Good psychologists know how to deal with someone else's negativity.