Getting rid of negative energy by using the black carepractice that you are surrounded by a white ring.
Take any stone of black color and place it on the solar plexus.
Think about the negative energythat possesses you, and imagine that you banish her from your heart and travel to the black stone.
Move the stone on the forehead, then attach to the heart and say: "I banish your evil emotions and negative energy, instilling them into black stone.
List all negative, removed from, and imagine them absorbing the stone.
After that, you must throw a stone into the pond. Perfect stream, river or waterfall.
Getting rid of negative energy by using videocasettes home, first thing, wash your hands, hold them a few seconds under running cold water and wash. Bring your wet hands to hair at a distance of ten centimeters and simulate movements, like combing your hair. During the "combing" say the following: "Vodicka, vodicka, cleanse me from all evil, from all unnecessary things. Mother earth accepts all unnecessary. I become clean and healthy." Rinse hands under cold water from the tap and repeat the same action several times. Do not skip the evening shower. While taking a shower, close your eyes and imagine yourself a gold statuette. Inner vision will tell you that the figurine is covered with black patina. Stand under a strong jet shower and imagine that the dirt is rinsed off. Imagine that the statue was completely washed and shining. Thus, you will wash off all the negativity. In addition, your sleep will be strong and calm.To cope with the negative energy helps the Holy water. Very helpful twice a day, morning and evening, to wash and RUB the body with Holy water. Once on the shore of the sea or other body of water, you can quickly get rid of accumulated negative and positive energy.
Sit on the shore in the Lotus position. Place hands on knees with palms up. Take a deep breath, relax and concentrate on cleansing. Continue to breathe deeply. On the exhale imagine you are exhaling all the evil, fatigue, illness and stress. On the inhale imagine that you are penetrating the energy of nature. Repeat these steps at least 12 times.