Sit in a comfortable posture in a quiet atmosphere and picture before the eyes of the event that caused you stress. Look at the picture of the part and try to determine how does your aura in this situation. Seen describe all possible characteristics as much detail as possible – the aura will envelop your body like clothes.
Do not deny any of the items seen in the picture, even if you don't like. Fully realizing appearance of the biofield, form a real intention to restore good mental state and get rid of negativity.
Try to get rid of indignation or resentment and take event with the aim to cope with the internal state and change it in a positive direction. Try to look at the situation in a detached way, to learn from her a lesson and to restore the normal energy state.
Again visualize the picture in which is your body, and imagine with the body on the picture of the black bead. Place it in the right place, depending on the type of situation that caused stress for example, if you have a conflict with a person, place black ball between you.
Visualize as clearly as possible, as the black ball absorbs the negative information that exists between you, passes it through itself, and gives the outside a clean and positive energythat fills your aura and purifies it. Imagine how fast the ball is spinning around its axis. The faster it spins, the faster the negative energy will drag on the inside, and you'll get rid of it.
Pronounce inside the correct position – "I accept and let go of things that happened," "I forgive others and myself", "I want to regain a positive attitude."
When the process of filling the bio-field of new energy will be finished, again look at it from the side. If the sensations are pleasant and joyful, so you got rid of negative energy. If the bulb will not pull you from negative energy as a whole, visualize your body as a transparent entity and mentally clean the body from the inside out luminous hands, eliminating him from the shadows.