To calculate the salary for one day for sick pay, maternity benefits and maternity leave should refer to article 14, paragraph 1, of the Federal law of the Russian Federation 255-F3. Add up all the earned amount in 24 months, which was assessed to income tax. The result, divide by 730. It will be the average daily salary in one day based on being further calculation.
For the payment of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth this amount and multiply by 140, or 196 days, depending on what the woman's pregnancy, normal or prolific. The allowance for maternity leave is paid at the rate of 100%. To pay benefits for sick leave average salary multiply by number of days on sick leave and the percentage depending on the total seniority of the employee. With the experience of 8 years – paid 100%, from 5 to 8 years – 80%, up to 5 years – 60%.
If carried out the care for a child or family member, then a calculation is performed depending on the mode of care. In stationary mode the payment is made for all the days depending on the employee's seniority. For outpatient care 10 days – depending on experience, with 11 day – 50% regardless of length.
For payment of vacation allowances, travel allowances, add up all the amounts earned during the 12 months, which kept the income tax. The resulting figure, divide by 12 and by 29.4. The result will be a payment for a single day of vacation or one day trip (Government decision 922).
To calculate earnings for part-time work a month you can be guided by the order of calculating the vacation and travel or to make calculation of the cost of one working day in the current period. To do this, divide the total salary by the number of working days in the current month. The result will be worth one working day on the basis of which produce further calculation.
If you want to calculate the cost of one working day for the quarter, multiply the salary by three and divide by the number of working days in the quarter. But the two last mentioned calculation, the legislator use is not recommended.