First, we need to privatize the land. This should apply to the privatization of land to the district administration. There should bring the passport, VAT number, documents issued previously to the land. They can be: a contract of lease, certificate of ownership, and so on. And cadastral plan, which is provided when land is put into the account. In other cases, the cadastral map is not supplied, because it you simply do not have. Also need technical passport of the building, statement from companies house that your title was.
Local authorities must issue a decision on granting the land plot in property in two weeks. After approval of the boundaries imposed the decision on granting it to the applicant. Only after that you can privatize land. The prerequisite is registration in the Federal registration service.
Once you have legalized the ground, you can start to housing privatization. Requires the consent of all registered in housee family members. Who does not wish to participate in the privatization, will remain without the right to housing.
Should submit all the necessary documents, such as: a plan of the property with an extract from the technical passport, the contract of social hiring, the passports of all who want to participate in the privatization, a statement from the house ofnovel books, a copy financially-the personal account - the registration authority.
The registration authority must give the answer whether this property is privatization or not. If obstacles to privatization is not, then in a month you will receive a certificate for the ownership of this dwelling.