You will need
  • -to collect a package of documents;
  • -pay the state duty.
Decide in a family Council, who are the members of the family will arrange for a property and who is not (in the future, refused to participate in the privatization of the family will be able to privatize other housing). In this case, all registered in the apartment, in principle, people should not oppose the privatisation. Including minors older than 14 years of age and temporarily present persons (in places of deprivation of liberty, serving in the army, etc.)
Gather all the needed for filing documents. A specific list of these documents depends on a number of factors. Must have to submit their passports (birth certificates) and documents to the apartment. You may need to confirm that you are informed of their right to free privatization of housing is not used. It will have to collect certificates from all previous residence addresses, starting from September 1991 (if any). If the apartment was carried out non-approved alterations (this will be shown by documentation from the BTI), these changes will have to legitimize or to return the apartment to its original state.
Hand over the collected documents together with the application for privatization to the Administration of your city. To sign this statement needs all your family members, including those who join the right of ownership does not want to. These individuals will also need to write a statement about his refusal to participate in privatization. If someone is unable to attend personally can be represented by proxy (power of attorney have to be notarized).If the design of privatization in your city is through the service of "One window", the certificate confirming your right of ownership, and it is here you will get some time later. If there is no such service – you will have to visit some other instances.
Get agreement on the transfer of residential premises in the property (after it is ready). Pay services for the design of housing privatization and the state duty for the registration of your ownership rights. Assemble a new package of documents required for final registration of your property in the bodies of Roselectra.
Write an application for the registration of your ownership rights in the territorial body of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography. Submit the collected package of documents and a receipt on payment of registration fee. Upon completion of the registration procedure you will be given a certificate confirming that the owner of the apartment you are now.