You will need
  • Alcohol or disinfectant solution and ammonia spear (in case you get sick); medical gloves; earring (best to take from gold or medical alloy, but not silver, which is oxidized); scissors; an intravenous catheter (size 16G); marker; cotton wool; sterile band-aid.
Posveta assistants – two of my friends, it is best if among them will be those who already have piercing, for a visual aid, so to speak.
Next is the thorough disinfection of everything that is involved in the process: wash hands thoroughly and put on gloves. Scissors should be wiped with alcohol. A needle soaked in a bowl with disinfectant solution. Wash them and puncture site and carefully himself the navel, in the folds of which may "live" a huge amount of bacteria.
Marker proposed two points of puncture. The distance should be slightly less than the leg of the earrings so it was hanging freely and not squeezing the skin. It is important to make the puncture was smooth, so before responsible action lie down on a flat surface. One of your assistants with your fingers make a crease at the puncture point, another catheter (both assistant must also be in sterile gloves). In this way, the piercing will be the least risky.
Take out the needle from the catheter, leaving the tube in the puncture site. A tube cut with scissors, leaving a small edge for insertion of the earrings. Put back the earring, then gradually removing the catheter, devem earring into the piercing. Earring twirl.
Again, wipe the navel with rubbing alcohol and seal with tape. In the future, you should not lubricate the navel medications containing alcohol because they dry the skin and can slow healing. It is better to use special ointments (levomikol) or solution (Miramistin, chlorhexidine). Until the navel is healed (2-4 months), do not wear irritating fabrics – synthetics or wool.