Choosing a car seat, you should pay attention to the assessment, he exhibited after conducting a crash test. You can see the results of such tests conducted abroad. On the car seat needs to present mark: ECE R44/03 or ECE R44/04. The seat is mounted in two ways: the safety belts of the car or the Isofix system.

How to choose a car seat by age

It is important to accurately determine the chair of a group need to purchase, so you should take the child with you to the store. The growth of the child is timely to move to chair the following groups: if the head is 1/3 beyond the upper edge of the back seat or the exit point of the belt is located below the shoulders, it is time to replace the car seat. By law, up to 12 years old the child should be transported only in a child restraint device, but on the physical parameters of children are different, and it happens that in 11 years the child can't fit into any chair. Car seats, depending on the body weight of the child, are divided into groups:

- group 0: weight of the child from birth to 9 kg;
- group 0+: weight from birth to 13 kg;
- group 1: weight from birth to 18 kg (four years);
- group 1: weight 9 to 18 kg;
- group 2: weight from 9 to 25 kg, this chair can be used until the child is six years;
- group 3: weight 22 to 36 kg (6 to 10 years) or 15 to 36 kg (4 – 11 years);
convertible: this seat grows with the child suitable for children weighing 9-36 kg.

Seat group 0, 0+ set against the vehicle. This is done due to the fact that the baby infant's heavy head and neck muscles too weak. The child still does not hold his head normally and in the event of sudden braking can be dangerous injuries. The seats of these two groups there are special handles: they allow you to remove the seat out of the car without disturbing a sleeping baby.

Important points when choosing a chair

You can't buy a used car seat. If it had been in an accident, the seller can keep quiet about it. The device will not provide adequate security. Child under the age of six months should not take on a long trip. If necessary, you can carry infants in lying position or reclining. It is better to buy the armchair combines groups 0/0+ 0/0 or+/1. When buying you need to study the material of the seat: it should not be any fragile plastic parts. It is important to assess the quality of the upholstery, the width of the straps and pads on them, side protection for the head and shoulders from impact. The lock on the seat belts should be closed, soft material. Inability of changing the position of the back, because children in the car, often falling asleep.