The most obvious sign of infidelity is, of course, a sharp change in your relationship. This is usually noticeable cooling on the part of man, although in some cases, when a guy feels the guilt, you may experience the reverse situation. He begins giving unexpected gifts and tries to please you, while having a guilty look.
Define treason on this basis, as suddenly manifested workaholism. For example, your guy often delayed at work and is always busy on the weekend. Perhaps he really is busy work, but it may be that he covers their infidelity, or even had an affair with a colleague.
Bright enough signs of infidelity boyfriend – increased attention to their appearance, previously not peculiar to him. He is constantly preening, gains many new trendy and stylish things began to actively go to the gym (although I did not go there). Of course, all this guy can do for you, but if you've been together long enough, most likely, he's trying to impress another girl.
Very easy to identify the betrayal, looking the guy in the mobile phone. Surely there will be calls and SMSes from your opponent. However, if you the opponent of such methods, just observe how your boyfriend treats his phone. You should be alerted if he did not part with his mobile phone (for example, takes it even to the bathroom), and guides conversations so that you did not hear them, or all evening exchanged with someone texting.
To know about the change will help his attitude to sex. If a guy is cheating with someone on the side, most likely, the frequency of your sexual encounters will decrease. Also, pay attention to his behavior in bed. Signs of infidelity in this case is the sudden appearance of a variety of new "stuff" (there's your guy they learned?) or Vice versa uncharacteristic monotony in bed and obvious boredom.
If the guy is a machine, to define treason can be "forgotten" in her other girl things (underwear, lipstick) and position adjacent with the driver seat adjusted is clearly not for you.
If you live together, on their guard, when a guy spends a lot of time at the computer while switching tabs in the browser or collapsing the window "ICQ" in your approach.