Here are some of the most common morning relationship with your alarm clock. First, you may not hear the alarm at all, just because you're fast asleep. Second, you probably hear the alarm, turn it off, but continue to sleep under the pretext of the alleged saving five minutes. Third, you try to ignore the alarm clock, covering his head with a pillow. And finally, you were able to negotiate with the alarm clock, he stood, but after walking a bit around the apartment, again fell asleep.

However, this is the logical explanation. The brain can't Wake up one second (and sorry), he needs to recover after a sleep, so he sends you the impulses like "Oh, five more minutes". And to recover it should go 10-30 seconds.

But there are some periods of sleep. Perhaps with them you will understand the behavior of their own body in certain hours. From 19-00 till midnight very easily how to fall asleep and to Wake up. After 24 hours and up to 3 to sleep is the hardest. From 3-00 to 5-00 sleep rather weak. This means that you Wake up easily, but falling asleep can cause problems. Next 2 hours — the stage of sleep and to get up is not easy, but not difficult. But from 7-00 to 8-00 to Wake up are the hardest. In the next 2 hours to get up easily, but only if you did not get up at night and went to bed late. 10: 00 am after the sleep is complete then the body wakes up itself.

So, where to start? Just try not to set my alarm, but to take it away from the bed (though at such a distance, that you still heard.) Waking up, you go to turn it off, but don't turn around. Behind the bed! She begins to entice you once again. Don't look at it and go straight to the shower. If this number is not passed. Set the alarm to awake the hard-to-reach place, for example, on the Cabinet. It will be for you an additional charge. And try to put it next to the bed a big note, a La "the work is easy to miss if you go to bed". Let it refresh a little in the brain memory.

The main lure, which is a bed upon waking is her warmth. Most of all you really want to crawl under a blanket and bask under his skin. So what's the deal. Take a hot shower. That is shower, not bath. She relaxes. Start your washing from the face, and then take the body parts, which you seemed to have frozen the most. If finished with water treatments, dress warmly and get out of the bathroom. After the revival will be easier.