Advice 1: How to force myself to get up early in the morning

Many people find it very difficult to Wake up early in the morning and keep a good mood. Full of energy, only those of us who belong to the "lark". Others can barely raise his head from the pillow when the alarm clock is ringing for the tenth time. If you want to learn to get up early in the morning and not to be late, then you can use the following instruction.
How to force myself to get up early in the morning
Our body develops habits quickly, so if every day you will Wake up at a certain time, every morning waking up becomes easier. If you get up in the afternoon, the first daily morning awakening may be incredibly difficult. However, in any case, don't give up, don't do yourself any favors, even on weekends try to get up early. Gradually your body to adapt to this pace of life and soon you will learn to get up in the morning even without an alarm clock.
If you set the alarm, get up immediately as it begins to ring. The more you press the button "Snooze", the harder it is to get up after. The best way to solve this problem is to include the clock in the opposite corner of the room. Thus, in order to disable it, you will need to force myself to get up. Shook himself once, you will hardly be able to sleep.
The key to the early awakening is the desire to Wake up early. If you have the motivation, the brain will come up with different reasons because of which you will be able to sleep longer. Carefully think about what the advantages will give you an early start.
Before I go to sleep, repeat to yourself several times a time when you have to get up in the morning. If you will be able to focus, calibrate your consciousness and will be able to Wake up.
What you need to get up early in the morning, doesn't mean to go to sleep as early as possible. Often people sleep much more than required by their body. It is recommended to go to bed only if you feel fatigue. But if you go before that moment, then simply lose time.
Waking up, do some exercise. Thanks to them, you will get rid of sleepiness will return your body to tone and normalize blood circulation. The ideal option is to take a cold shower, but not everyone will be able to decide on such a step.

Advice 2 : Tricks that will help you to learn to get up early

The man who seeks to achieve a specific goal, want to catch up. But to do this, you need to learn to get up early.
Tricks that will help you to learn to get up early

Change the allocation of his time. You need to learn to think differently, to look at the dream as at the beginning of the day. This mental shift will change your vision of the process of sleep. Then the dream will turn into an active item.

Go to bed at the same time. A large number of people suffer from sleep deprivation, so a stolen one hour can lead to a new failure. Therefore, it is better to teach yourself to go to bed early, even if only for an hour.

Please note-for evening classes. Adjust your schedule the period of supper and evening guests.

Prepare yourself mentally for your morning plans. Most people can't get out of bed because of exhaustion and thinking about what he has to do something difficult. So podgotavlivaya to the execution of the task in advance.

Pre-turn off all electrical appliances. A half hour before sleep turn off all your appliances. It is no secret that every source of energy is an excellent stimulant and is comparable to drinking before going to sleep energy drink. You just do not give yourself to sleep.

Set clear mode time before sleep. Relax. Turn off the light, go for a walk – it will help you fall asleep quickly and Wake up easily.


Advice 3 : How to help yourself Wake up in the morning

A revival is a very important stage of the day, if he was calm, without stress, General well-being during the day will be great, if in the morning it was hard to open my eyes, the day can be terrible. Learn to Wake up properly, to be always cheerful.
How to help yourself Wake up in the morning
Remember the mode of the day. If to bed and getting up at the same time, the body will get used to the schedule and will be easy to respond to the alarm. It is important to sleep at least 7 hours a day, so pre-calculate how much you need to go. Try to relax in a ventilated area, on a comfortable mattress can improve sleep quality, and therefore to stand will not be difficult.
Alarm clock is a very strong irritant, so it is necessary to put not very loud and annoying ringtone, and something tender and touching. These sounds will gradually withdraw from the dream, without creating additional stress. You can put the call 15 minutes early to then fell this time in bed, but don't forget to set the alarm for the second time to again to sleep.
Doctors do not recommend immediately jump out of bed, need some stretch, do a few exercises to body woke up. Just stretch your arms and legs and repeatedly tighten and loosen them. You can twist the neck on the pillow to do the twist for your spine. All movements should be done gradually and slowly, they will help to remove drowsiness.
Start the morning with something pleasant, for example, with the tasty toothpaste. Choose banana, strawberry, mint or any other. A bright flavor will help the buds to start working fully, and can lighten the mood. Tasty things in the morning is a simple pleasure that makes life interesting.
Morning showers are better to take with invigorating shower gels. There is a huge amount of funds especially for revival. Special essential oil make it very effective. You just feel elegant aroma, and the body is filled with courage and desire to live. Finish water treatments better alternating hot and cold water, contrasting sensations, give you vigor.
The Breakfast is very important for the digestion, to feel good for many years, you need to eat something in the morning. Someone starts the day with a Cup of coffee, but it is better to use herbal for more energy. Caffeine is addictive and loses its property, but the fees can be changed regularly, and the effect will not be reduced under any circumstances. Use energy drinks only in exceptional cases, they negatively affect many systems of the body, so do not overdo it.
Wake up helps eye exercise. You can do it with my eyes open or closed. This procedure is appropriate even for those who commute in public transport. Enough 3-4 exercises for 10 reps to the drowsiness went away completely.

Advice 4 : Learn to Wake up early

A large number of people think about how to Wake up early tomorrow. To Wake up in 5 hours or 6, but mental and physical activity will be very low. And in order to Wake up so early, must follow certain rules.
Learn to Wake up early

1. If you fell asleep in an hour or two in the morning, to get up in five hours you will not succeed. An adult should sleep seven to nine hours a day to his body and brain time to relax. Therefore, in order to get up in five hours, you need to go to bed no later than twenty-two hours.

2. Before going to sleep for two hours, turn off the TV and computer. The brain needs to rest from the incoming information. Then sleep will not be difficult.

3. Three hours try not to eat anything. Care not to sleep on a full stomach will take less time. And before going to sleep - not a good idea for those who are on a diet.

4. Before I go to sleep, ventilate the room. Constantly before bedtime do something to help you sleep. You can drink anything, for example hot tea, or listen to music. It soothes, adjusts and relaxes.

5. If you woke up at the time I had planned, try not to fall asleep again. To prevent it, turn on the TV, get an alarm clock that won't let you sleep or take themselves or anything. You can put some hilarious ringtone on the alarm that you laugh, something to sleep you will want much less.

The basis of what will help you to get up early - it mode. Don't break it. Go to the early regime should gradually. During the week, set your alarm thirty minutes early and you will be able to adjust itself to the regime that will suit you.

On weekends it is undesirable to sleep before twelve o'clock. If you are going to rebuild mode, then it will have to adjust to waking early again. For this you will spend a lot of time and will. Will have to start all over again. Do not give yourself any credit, set yourself up for success.

To go all the way to the formation of a mode, you need confidence in yourself, the ability to look to the future and the ability to soberly assess their capabilities. If you overslept, you will need more time to set yourself up so this doesn't happen again.

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