It turned out that the principle of "early to bed, early to rise" is the wrong strategy. A person expects that he sleeps the same number of hours every day. It seems to be logical, but in practice does not work.

There are two basic ways to learn to get up early.
The first is to lie down and get up every day at the same time. Our lives, regulated by the tough regime of the day, it is, in principle, suitable.
Second opinion – go to bed and get up when it is required by the body. Each person has their own biorhythm, and obeying them, it is easier to fall asleep and waking as much as the body needs.
How to get up early
But experiments revealed that both methods are not very effective.
In the first case, you have to go to sleep even when the body isn't tired, and the man spends some time trying to sleep. In addition, every day the body is tired is different and needs different amounts of time to rest. This is another minus.
In the second case, a person sleeps more than is actually needed by the body. Biorhythms are different people are different, and in day 24 hours, and sleep time may be constantly shifting. And the last disadvantage: different Wake-up time prevents pre-plan their morning routines.
The most effective approach was the combination of these methods. The idea was to go to bed when sleepy and get up at a certain time. People who get up early every day, doing it unconsciously. To determine the time when the body really wants to sleep, reading a book. In the morning, when the alarm clock rings, it is important to remove out of your head thinking about what we need to get up. Turning off the alarm, you need to take a sitting position, this will help to Wake up.
While applying this method in a few days early awakening will become a habit. If some of the days to sleep failed, it means that the body will get tired sooner, and you will need to go to bed early. Thus, knowing the specific Wake-up time, the body will regulate itself to sleep.
This approach is good for insomnia. People can't sleep because of the fact that their body isn't tired, and sleep him (at least not yet) is not required. So with insomnia to go to sleep only when the need for sleep is felt clearly. If the body's sleep today is not enough, then tomorrow people will get tired earlier and, therefore, to go to sleep earlier. The problem of insomnia disappears.
Thus, the best option to learn to get up early to go to bed, when it is required by the body, and get up at fixed time.