You will need
  • telephone, manual, Internet
Verify whether your phone alarm function. This can be done by reading the manual or using the Internet. In the search box type the make and model of your phone. Find its description and check the item "Alarm clock". If there is, then proceed to install it.
Log in to the phone menu. In most phones, to access the menu, you press the middle button. In that case, if the word "Menu" written on the display, see which side it is, and click under.
Select the menu item "Tools"/"organizer"/"Tools". The title of the item depends on the company that issued you the mobile phone. Most often, the alarm is placed in the same section as calculator, stopwatch and calendar. Select from the list of applications Service
Set the alarm time. Select the time at which the alarm should ring. As a rule, the hours and minutes are adjusted separately. When setting the time, don't forget to take into account the clock format: 12 or 24. Once you have chosen your desired time, click "Save".
In some phones you can choose which days should call the alarm. For example, you work on weekdays, and on weekends sleep until it stops. Alarm clock you need only from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday it will only disturb a pleasant sleep. Select the days of the week that the alarm should work and save the settings. So, it will only call in these days.
Select a ringtone for the alarm. Wake up to your favorite music much more pleasant than under a nasty squeak. In some mobile phones you can choose as an alarm clock the melody that suits you best. This can be done directly in the menu of alarm clock or to the "Music". Just select "Use as alarm".