You will be able to increase the breast at home for a week, if you start to eat right. Healthy and beautiful breast shape allow to obtain products with a high content of protein: chicken, beef, saltwater fish, beans and others. The optimal amount of protein per meal should be about 20-25 Women who observe strict diet, avoiding nutritious foods and malfunctioning components of the diet, often cause damage to your health and figure.
When planning a diet aimed at increasing breast at home, you should consider that you will never get away from fats and carbohydrates. Healthy adipose tissue is one of the main components of the breast. It is important that your daily diet includes omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which is rich in seafood and fish oil (you can take additional capsules). Useful carbohydrates are contained in abundance in fruits and vegetables. These products can be taken practically in unlimited quantity.
Increase breast at home a week maybe a set of special exercises and procedures. First of all, you should burn the excess fat tissue, giving the breast an irregular shape, and slightly increase the pectoral muscles that lift and emphasize the Breasts. This will help pushups (can do on my knees); mild inclines barbell or dumbbell in the supine position, as well as the layout of dumbbells from the chest to the sides. Each exercise should be done 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions (frequency of training – 3-4 times per week).
Start to make daily morning or evening jog. Deeper and more frequent breathing will help to expand the chest, tone the muscles and tissue. It is also recommended each day to take a contrast shower alternating warm and cool water to make wiping the breast with a damp towel. If you avoided wearing a bra, start wearing it constantly, so that the chest does not SAG and gradually took on the desired shape.