If there are no visible difficulties in the browser in addition to the periodic error, you can try to disable script debugging, so the message never appeared again (if the error appears not on one but on several sites, go to the next step). In menu "tools" click "Internet options", select the "Advanced" tab and check "Disable script debugging". If you need to disable the notification of any errors, clear the check box for "Display a notification about every script error".
Try to open the website, when viewing that error, from another account or from another computer to see if the problem is local. If the error persists, it's likely caused by incorrect code web page. In such case, you can disable script debugging by following the instructions in the previous step. If when viewing the site using another computer or user account, the problem disappears, go to the next step.
Perhaps the Internet Explorer browser to view the pages is not blocking active scripting, ActiveX and Java, which define the display information on the page. To fix the problem, you must reset the security settings of the browser. For this, the menu "Tools" select "Internet options" and click on the "Security" tab. Click "default" and then "OK". If after the re-launch of the page on which the error occurred, the problem remains, try the next method.
As you know, the browser stores temporary files and copies of the pages in a separate folder for subsequent treatment to them. If the size of the folder becomes too large, errors may occur when displaying some pages. The problem can be solved by periodically cleaning the temp folder. To do this, open the dialog box "Internet options" from the tools menu. On the "General" tab under "History" click "Delete". Select the check boxes for "Temporary Internet files", "Cookies", "History", "Data web forms" and click "OK".