To fix some error on the page website, you need to have administrator rights. If you are a website owner, you need to find the page using the visual editor. As a rule, it is best to publish on the Internet verified information. For example, before creating a website you test working with other editors on a personal computer. Can also use a software called Denwer.
Without Internet connection you can view the next page of your website. Often errors occur only in a particular browser. Try viewing this page via other popular programs, pertinent to the category of browsers. If the error persists, then the reason lies in the code. Carefully review the code of the page. Try to use special editors that highlight code programming. In this case, you will immediately be able to see your mistakes.
The main cause of the error on the website may be associated with hosting. As a rule, often without notice made various updates to the hosting server. If you experience various errors, buggy, incorrect display of pages, and more. Refer to the administration with a request to solve the problem. If you do not help, you can write on popular forums programmers for help.
It is also worth noting that the fix error on page and other method. Try copying all the contents of the page. Next, remove it from the website and re-create. Can change the link name to the page or the path. In General we can say that the fix error on page, is quite problematic, as there are many factors due to which there are similar problems on the website.