The easiest option is the standard means of the operating system provided to update the content Windows of most applications that run on Windows OS. Open a web browser on the desired page, and press F5 with the necessary frequency. Page will dutifully restart, updating posts, photos and any other content.
This method is not suitable if you need to reload the page, continuing at the same time work in another program or on an adjacent browser tab. In this case, you can use any of the available extensions for your web browser, which will update any of web pages in automatic mode.
If you are using to view online content Google Chrome, go to extensions management and click on "More extensions" in the "Chrome web store". Enter a search string in the word Reload and choose one of the many applications to auto-reload pages in the browser. It can be AutoReloader, Auto Reload, Easy Auto Refresh or any other.
Install the extension. After that its icon appears in the upper right corner of the browser window on the application bar. Click on it, select the time interval to automatically restart tab, and then start the process. Page will be updated without your participation and you will be able to engage in parallel with other things.
If you're used to the Mozilla Firefox browser, go to "Extras" and type in the search bar and install the ReloadEvery extension of the same name. After installation is complete, restart the browser and click on page right mouse button. In the context menu, select "Auto" and set the value to reload tabs: 5, 10, 15, 30 sec, etc. Activate the extension by selecting "Enable".