If the page belongs to you, go to the settings section of the site. When talking about the standard template when you log in under administrator account you will have the ability to edit the articles with an error. Click on the pentagram notebook or pencil to open the text editor. Find the error and fix it. Don't forget when you finish, click the "save" button and not just close the page.
Go to General settings panel of the website, if the first method is unavailable. In the case when for some reason the editor is disabled, you need to load the admin panel (after the title attribute of the site /admin) and go to section category, which is this article. Find an article, open it and correct the error. Again, don't forget to save.
If you find a typo on someone else's online, look for the contacts of the owners of the resource. Perhaps this is a separate eponymous button on the panel website. If such is not observed, the bottom of the page, you can specify e-mail or contact phone number.
If you contact the owners never came out, leave a comment to the article to errors. If the site administration is responsible to their resource, then soon the bug is fixed. If after some time on your note, no one will react, consider whether it is necessary to trust and to turn to this site.