Run the IE browser, then select menu at the top of the program click on "Services". Click the link titled "Internet options" and click on the "Advanced" tab in the dialog box.
Tick on the checkbox next to "disable script debugging" and then click "OK" to confirm the action execution.
Remove "Show notification about every script error" checkbox to prevent the display of error notifications, then click on the "OK" button to apply the selected changes.
Go to the page in the Internet, when you log on which was previously issued error messages of the script, using any other browser. In this advance change the account or do it on another computer.
Return to menu "tools" toolbar of Internet Explorer, in the upper part of the window. Select "Internet options" to reset security options that can prevent the correct displaying of the site.
Next you need the "Security" tab in the dialog box – click on it. In the next window, click on the "default".
Confirm your changes by clicking on the "OK" button, and then click on the "General" tab, in order to remove all temporary Internet files.
Click on "Settings" under "Temporary Internet files" and then select "Delete files". Confirm the changes by pressing the same buttons "OK" and then click on the "Delete Cookies" button to continue.
Confirm your selection by clicking "OK" go to "Magazine". Click on the "Yes" button in the new window and click "OK" to confirm clearing the log. Finally, make sure that the system already has the latest updates.