You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • program emulation drives.
Run Opera, go to settings mail client to get rid of the authentication error. Go to menu "Tools", select "Mail and chat". Highlight account, click "Change". Check the username and password from the mailbox. Make the necessary changes, click "OK".
If the error persists, disable the use of the mail client. Also try to delete the account and re-created to disable the authentication error. Go to menu "Mail and chat accounts", select the account e-mail, click Delete, confirm the change by clicking "OK".
Run the program "Opera" in the browser address bar enter Opera:Config. Further, in the configuration window, select the Mail option, in line with the Handler parameter, change the value to "1" to "0". Then click on "Save". Go to the folder with the installed program "Opera", or the catalog C:/Documents and Settings/ "user Name" /Application Data/Opera/, find the file Opera.ini. For this you need to enable the display of hidden/system files.
Run Notepad and drag and drop into its window the file. Correct the value of the string Handler=Handler 1 on=3. Either go to settings (Ctrl+F12) to clear the error message authentication, select "Advanced", select "Program".
Next, select the Mailto Protocol, modify it to include the option "Open in default program". Assign the paragraph the program, which is used for mail. Specify the path to the executable file for the application. In the folder with the installed program Opera delete the folder C:/Program Files/Opera/mail/. Navigate to the file Opera6.ini and clear the line Mail Root Directory=, in the box to the Webmail Service= set the value to 0.