Advice 1: How to remove 404 error

A common problem on the Internet is 404 which means the server cannot find the data corresponding to the made request. This may be caused by the lack of any file that was specified in the request.
How to remove 404 error
HTTP error code 404 corresponds to the specification "Not Found". This means that the page is not found, it will be moved or deleted.
Removed this error by creating a page that cannot find the server on the specified question, and the webmaster. It is necessary to bring the desired file into place or create the desired page again.
You can adjust the URL. It is necessary to correct the reference to the URL of an existing file. You need to find the page which gives the incorrect link and edit it using any text editor. A hosting in the control panel, provide their own editing interface. This allows you to change the desired file, without downloading it from the server.
If the wrong URL is generated automatically, it may indicate a problem with the script. To fix this you will have to directly edit the program. With this problem, you can contact the author of the script or to find a common decision on one of the forums on web programming.
If the file would be really moved, it is possible to create a custom error page, which in more detail will explain to the user why. This can be done using the hosting control panel if hosting company provides such services. It is enough to insert the HTML code in the appropriate form or download a sample page to the folder specified hosting provider.
Redirect 404 page to register with the appropriate HTML code or in the file .htaccess. In HTML there is a meta tag that after a certain time sends the browser to the specified page. Placed this code in the "a" tag and has the following syntax:
Useful advice
It is best to redirect the user to the page from which he moved on and saw the error.

Advice 2: How to fix the server error

The message "HTTP 500 - Internal error server" is among the most common. The appearance of the message may be caused by several reasons and, therefore, will vary and error correction methods. This operation can be carried out polzovatelem sufficient experience in the use of computer resources.
How to fix the server error
The main menu system by pressing the button "start" to remedy the inability to download the file Localstart.asp, by default, required for a web page, and navigate to the "Programs"section.
Open the "administrative tools" link and specify the section Internet information Services.
Select the group "Web site default" in the directory console and open the context menu for the component Localstart.asp click the right mouse button in the details pane.
Select "Properties" and click on the "file Security" in the dialog box.
Use the command "Edit" under "Anonymous access and authentication control" and remove the check in new dialog box "authentication Methods".
Open the context menu of the web site that caused the message HTTP 500 error when you attempt to use the file 500-100.asp error correction on the page that are not Internet default page, click the right mouse button and select "Create" to complete the error correction.
Select "Virtual directory" and click "Next" in the window "creation Wizard virtual directory".
Enter a value in the string IISHelp "Alias" and confirm the command by pressing the "Next"button.
Use the "Browse" button in the dialog box to select the folder WINNHelpIIsHelp and confirm your selection by pressing the "Next"button.
Do not change the values in the window "permissions" and confirm your selection by pressing the "Next"button.
Click "Finish" to complete the operation and return to the "Properties" context menu of a selected web site.
Go to the tab "custom errors" opened properties dialog box and specify the field error 500;100.
Use the button "Edit properties" to invoke directory "message Type" and select the value of /IIsHelp/common/500-100.asp in the field "URL".
Click OK to execute the command and confirm the use of selected changes by pressing the OK button.
Useful advice
Possible causes for the error message HTTP 500 is not limited to the listed.
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