There are quite a few simple and effective methods to remove the measurements. It is better to apply them not separately, to combine. So you will achieve the greatest accuracy of calculations. Taking the size ofs with itself, use the following size designations and recommendations as to how these dimensions to remove:- Waist (abbr. W) – waist size. Waist circumference is measured because this place is usually the most narrow. You can find it by stepping back 25-30 cm up from the groin. Although the waist may be closer to your hips or chest;- Inseam (abbr. L – the length of the leg inseam. Measured from the crotch to the floor; Seat (many tables - Hips). Is the volume of the thighs. It is measured on the most protruding spot of the buttocks, below the waist 20 cm (approximately).To increase the accuracy of your measurements, combine the first two methods. The third method you can use separately.
And now more about how to remove the size from the jeans, not wearing them:Lay them on a flat surface and pick up a ruler. The waist is measured at the top of the jeans with buttoned fly. The resulting size and multiply by two. If your jeans were last worn for a long time, better subtract one inch from the result. And better still first jeans to be washed, then dried and then take measurements.
Next is the measurement of the length of the leg on its internal seam. Place a ruler zero mark to the place of convergence of seams between the legs and measure the length down to the lowest point of the leg.
Next is the measurement of the circumference of the leg at the knee (Knee Measurement), and then measured the width of the leg at the very bottom (Leg Opening). Then you need to take measurements with rise zip-fly front Rise) and at the back seam (Back Rise).
Now all you have to measure the thigh at its full location (Thigh At Fullest Place) and hip (Seat or Hips). The last size is best to measure wearing jeans for yourself.