Brand bonprix was founded in 1986 and Over the years she was able to establish itself as a company offering buyers wide range of choice and good service. By accessing the website of the company, the client offers a convenient search system, detailed information about goods, conditions of delivery and return. Also the customer is given a detailed explanation of how to determine your size and to perform the measurements to order a catalog.

Size chart

In the summary table of clothing sizes on the website bonprix customer can examine the conformity of the European system of Russian. It must be remembered that in the description specified exactly the size of the clothes, which is used in Europe. When buying blouses, dresses, sweaters, pullovers, t-shirts, jackets and blazers offers a range of sizes from 32 to 58 (in Russia it is a size 40 to 70). To determine your size, you need to make a measurement of the girths of chest, waist and hips. If the size is 32 (40) bust is 74 to 77 cm, waist circumference - 60-62 cm, and hips - 84-87 cm For other dimensions the following figures:

Size 34 (42): 78-81, 63-65, 88-91
Size 36 (44): 82-85, 66-69, 92-95
Size 38 (46): 86-89, 70-73, 96-98
Size 40 (48): 90-93, 74-77, 99-102
Size 42 (50): 94-97, 78-81, 103-106
Size 44 (52): 98-102, 82-86, 107-110
Size 46 (54): 103-107, 87-91, 111-115
Size 48 (56): 108-113, 92-96, 116-120
Size 50 (58/60): 114-119, 97-102, 121-125
Size 52 (62): 120-125, 103-108, 126-130
Size 54 (64): 126-131, 109-114, 131-135
Size 56 (66/68): 132-137, 115-120, 136-141
Size 58 (70): 138-143, 121-126, 142-147

Separately, the site provides easy search of desired size when you purchase lingerie and swimwear. Size range to be ordered by catalogue may differ from the size systems adopted in one country or another.

When you purchase lower item of clothing, i.e. trousers, jeans, skirts and shorts, you must consider the waist and hips. It's the penultimate and last numbers in each row of the PivotTable dimensions. The size range for the upper and lower clothing items are the same.

The clothes sit on you perfectly, you also need to consider indicators such as growth. In the catalog bonprix, there are three categories of designations of growth: low growth (up to 165 cm), N is the average height (from 165 to 172 cm) and L – tall (172 cm). While for low growth product length the inseam is about 75 cm, for an average of about 81 cm and for high - about 88 cm.

Clothing for men and children

As for men's clothing, the website also provides information about the size, and for convenience it is divided into separate tables for growth men. Knowing your height and chest girth, the buyer can find information about European and Russian size of their clothes. Knowing your height, waist and the desired length of the inner seam, the customer can pick up pants or jeans. In the first column of the PivotTable located sizes to order items from a catalogue.

In the selection of clothing for teenagers please note that the information about the girths of the waist and hip varies depending on the sex of the child.

In relation to children's clothing company bonprix has provided the possibility of determining the amount to be ordered by catalogue using data on the growth of the child, the bust, waist and hips for the top and the waist and hips for the bottom. There is a tentative link to the age group that applies to a particular clothing size.