The easiest way to find out your jeans size — subtract from the Russian clothes size 16. That is, if you wear a size 48 clothes, you will fit jeans size 32. However, this approach is only suitable if you have a standard shape, which is rare. Therefore, manufacturers sew jeans for people of different height and build.
Take measurements in the home environment to make his task easier when visiting a store or ordering jeans over the Internet. To learn waist to buy men's jeans, take the pants that suits you, button a button and measure with a ruler the distance between the extreme points of the belt. The resulting number is the double and if your ruler is not caused to the inch scale, divide by 2.5. So you know your waist in inches.
If you are planning to wear jeans without a belt and want to keep the form, subtract the circumference of the unit. Denim elastic enough, besides, in the process of wearing branded jeans is a bit stretched, so those who have not got a beer belly, you can take a pants size smaller.
To measure the inseam, use a tape measure and measure the distance from the groin to the heel. Then turn the result into inches — it will be the required length.
The method of computing the size to buy most jeans. However, in the salons of Levi's or Lee, you can offer the pants, marked Shrink-To-Fit Unwashed or Dry. These products are not have been pre-processed, so after the first wash shrinkage guaranteed. For them, the manufacturers offer a separate dimension tables. Be careful when buying.
Authentic jeans manufacturers take into account anatomical features, so the size of the female models are calculated and recorded differently. Size consists of three indicators: the total volume of the waist and hip, body type and length. When choosing jeans on the Internet you can not do without the help of the table, which definitely gives a good store.
To choose jeans of suitable size, are also desirable to make the measurements. Measurements embrace the waist and hips with measuring tape as tight as you can in fabric, added stretch, so the pants will be attracted stronger than men. Length, choose the one with a style and shoes you plan to wear trousers. For purchases in us Internet shops move the result to inches.