To know your size when choosing the pants, you need to measure the waist. To do this, use only new tape that has not yet had time to stretch with age. It is important to conduct all measurements in your underwear or thin clothing, moreover, to make the tape tight, but not dragging, and avoiding sagging. So you can get the most accurate result.
To determine the size of jeans you need to translate the measurements into inches. The figures and will fit sizeM. For example, a waist circumference of 28 inches means you need a 28 size. In addition to the waist when the jeans you need to consider the length of the product, usually one size sewn in different lengths, such as 28/ 32 or 28/34, the second digit indicates the length of porcini. Therefore, before going to the store, you have to choose the optimal length.
For selection of pants may need additional measurements, especially if the woman prefers to emphasize the figure. Then you need to measure the circumference of your hips, this will allow you to choose a model which will perfectly fit silhouette.
Classic pants more often than not bends in the factory, in order to facilitate adjustment in length. Therefore, before going to the store additionally measure the inner and the outer seam length of the favorite pants to ease the choice of the length.
Pants length depends not only your preferences, but also on the shoes, the pants should cover the shoes at least until the beginning of the heel, but many women prefer to completely hide the shoes under the cloth.
Choosing the pants, you need to correctly assess your volumes, men love to take a free model that could eventually make things baggy, since any material in the socks is stretched. Why experienced traders are advised to choose a tight-fitting model, especially if we are talking about leather pants, because they stretch the most.