You will need
  • Treats, patience.
First accustom the kitten to the command "come!". To do this, call the animal using this command, when you feed him, calling the cat by name. Then the kitten will quickly associate the command with a pleasant for him. The rest of the time the animal can be to encourage a piece of your favorite treats and affection.
основные требования к составлению календатно - тематического планирования
Look closely at your pet. What is his inclination, some interesting actions he does during his games. You will develop through training. For example, if the kitten carries his toys in his mouth, he can be taught the command "Aport", if you like to jump on your shoulder, you can put it as a trick.
как обучить пекинеса
Stock up on treats. At a time when the kitten takes an action that you have decided to choose as their goal, say the command and give the treat. For example, if the animal is aiming to climb on your shoulder, fun and clearly say "jump!".
как дрессировать кошку
When kitty learned that means "to jump, and always jumps to your shoulder, replace the treat with praise. Cats love when their praise, so the address of the animal should sound many gentle words.
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