You will need
  • The Card Is "The Messenger"
Points, you can pay the money - ie they just write off the card, the purchase invoice. In the salons of "the Messenger" one point is equal to one ruble.
Most of the partners of "Liaison" a slightly different course. So, 5 points will count as 1 ruble in coffee houses "Shokoladnitsa" cafe and the Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" leather goods store "Velars", shops for motorists "Avtomag" and cosmetic stores "Ol! Hood". 3 points equal 1 ruble in pharmacies "Rigla" and "Magnolia." In the network of shops "Village" of 1 ruble is equal to 7 points. Tire centers "On wheels" offer such a program: 1 ruble = 2 points.
In addition, 350 points on the card "Svyaznoy" gives 1 point to the participants of "Transaero - the Privilege". In the framework of the action, you can spend points on flights.