To become a participant of the bonus program any operator, only need to buy a sim card.
To exchange bonus points if you are a customer of the mobile operator MegaFon, bonus minutes, Internet traffic, free SMS and MMS, as well as Souvenirs.To get 5 minutes of on-net calls, send request to *115*555# and cost of this service is 10 points), 30 minutes - *115*604# (value – 50 points, 120 minutes of on-net calls - *115*604# (cost – 150 bonus points). Also popular bonus service, customers are free SMS and MMS messages.
Sending a request *115*100#, you will get 10 free SMS (costs 12 points). Ussd command *115*110# gives the right to 20 free messages (cost – 20 bonus points). To get 10 free MMS messages, send *115*502# (–35 points). To exchange bonus points on Internet traffic by sending request to *115*522#.You get 10 mb of Internet traffic (the cost of this service is 25 points).If you contact customer service, you will be prompted to exchange the bonus points for affordable Souvenirs.
To get bonus points, MTS customers must fill out a form on the website ( Now go to the website of MTS bonus, select the desired option, enter the number of copies. The order will be sent to the recycle bin. Proceed to payment orders. Click "Pay" and points will be deducted from your account.
To get bonuses from the mobile operator Beeline, you must dial the number 068002 and press "Call". Further, if you Deposit 300 rubles, you will receive points. Go to the website operator. Click on the link "my account" and select what you wish to spend the points.