The program "MTS Bonus" operates in such a way that the use of a subscriber of various communication services, the operator shall him bonus points. The communication services include not only mobile calls, and sending sms and mms messages, and downloading of Internet traffic. To join the system and individuals, and the participants in such programs as "the circle", and individual entrepreneurs. If you haven't registered yet, go to the procedure on the official website
On the main page is a button called "Register". Click on it then enter your phone number and set a password (so it was more reliable, make it from numbers and letters). You will then be able to log into the system. To do this, simply enter all the required data in the form located on the home page on the left.
Click on "spend points". You will see the rewards catalog from which you can select sms and mms-package, minutes of conversation, a certificate in any store, magazine subscription and many more. After selecting the desired item, decide how many available points you are willing to spend, and how much you need to provide a reward. Here's an example: you clicked on an sms package and chose the 100 pieces. Then, the operator will deduct from your balance 380 points. By the way, if you do not spend the received message, they will be cancelled after the deadline. To get the bonus into your account, click "Order" after you put the item into the basket.
If you want to transfer points to the account of another subscriber of MTS, use the "Give points". In the opened window enter the number to which you want to send funds, and the number of points. Their reception will be held immediately after the request is processed by the operator.