To participate in the program "MegaFon-bonus" only need to buy a sim card. Additionally, to connect nothing. For every 30 rubles spent you receive 1 loyalty point. 2 points you get for that balance during the month will not be equal to zero. 5 points mobile operator charges in honor of the birthday and up to 5 points for term of service.
Bonus points can be used with the help of ussd-request. Dial from cell phone *115*110# to get 10 free messages, *115*100# - 20 free messages *115*150# - 50 messages. The cost of the service will be equal to respectively 12, 20 and 40 bonus points.
10 or 50 MMS messages cost 35 or 150 points respectively, you can obtain by dialing *115*502# or *115*350#.
5 or 20 free minutes available to you if you send the following queries: *115*555# (5 minutes) *115*520# (20 minutes).
You can also specify what other ussd-requests on the website of "MegaFon-bonus".
Redeem reward points via sms messages.
Send the corresponding numbers to the number 5010. With the help of inquiry through sms you can activate free sms, minutes for on-net calls, MMS messages and Internet traffic.
Bonus points can be exchanged for Souvenirs. For this service fill out the application and submit a document proving the identity. For 5 points you get a handle 40 FOB, for a 300 – flying alarm clock for 700 points you can get a phone charger from solar panels.
To activate the points possible and to another subscriber of the Megaphone. Send an sms to the number 5010 with the respective code, a space, and then the number in the format 9ХХХХХХХХХ, for example, 100 9271234567. Similarly, you can activate the service by using the following ussd command: *115#9ХХХХХХХХХ#service code #, like *115#9271234567#100#.