Advice 1: How to redeem points in megaphone

The program "MegaFon-bonus" allows for your spent cash to points that can be redeemed for additional free minutes, sms messages, Internet traffic, various Souvenirs and much more.
How to redeem points in megaphone
To participate in the program "MegaFon-bonus" only need to buy a sim card. Additionally, to connect nothing. For every 30 rubles spent you receive 1 loyalty point. 2 points you get for that balance during the month will not be equal to zero. 5 points mobile operator charges in honor of the birthday and up to 5 points for term of service.
Bonus points can be used with the help of ussd-request. Dial from cell phone *115*110# to get 10 free messages, *115*100# - 20 free messages *115*150# - 50 messages. The cost of the service will be equal to respectively 12, 20 and 40 bonus points.
10 or 50 MMS messages cost 35 or 150 points respectively, you can obtain by dialing *115*502# or *115*350#.
5 or 20 free minutes available to you if you send the following queries: *115*555# (5 minutes) *115*520# (20 minutes).
You can also specify what other ussd-requests on the website of "MegaFon-bonus".
Redeem reward points via sms messages.
Send the corresponding numbers to the number 5010. With the help of inquiry through sms you can activate free sms, minutes for on-net calls, MMS messages and Internet traffic.
Bonus points can be exchanged for Souvenirs. For this service fill out the application and submit a document proving the identity. For 5 points you get a handle 40 FOB, for a 300 – flying alarm clock for 700 points you can get a phone charger from solar panels.
To activate the points possible and to another subscriber of the Megaphone. Send an sms to the number 5010 with the respective code, a space, and then the number in the format 9ХХХХХХХХХ, for example, 100 9271234567. Similarly, you can activate the service by using the following ussd command: *115#9ХХХХХХХХХ#service code #, like *115#9271234567#100#.

Advice 2: Spending points in "the Megaphone"

For quite a long time the company "the Megaphone" there is a bonus system that rewards customers. The more you spend on Telecom services, the more bonus points you get.
Spending points in "the Megaphone"
Despite the fact that the bonus program "MegaFon" is more symbolic, it is perceived by the customers with enthusiasm. The essence of the bonus system is as follows: for each refill of mobile phone account, you get bonus points. They can be spent on free calls within the network and to numbers of other mobile operators, SMS messages, free traffic today, the service is removed from the list) and many more.

How to spend points in Megaphone

Before spending points on the service you want you will need to check the bonus balance. To learn this information in two ways: by sending a USSD-request or by using the service of auto. In the first case, you will need to dial *115#, and then use the numbers to select the desired menu. If you're not used to use queries to short numbers you are at any time unable to dial 0510 and press the call button by going to the voice menu program "MegaFon-Bonus".

It should be noted that the cost of the bonus points of "MegaFon" is 30 rubles. Your bonus balance will be updated automatically after each "throw" money at the expense of mobile phone. Earning a certain number of points, you can activate a particular service. Basically, all the types of rewards that you activated remain valid for one month. If you do not have time to consume them completely, they burn.

Depending on the kind of reward you have to spend a certain amount of bonus points. For example, 10 SMS messages, or 10 outgoing minutes for calls within the network you will have to pay for 25 bonus points. The value of 10 Megabytes is 60 points, etc. a Full table of rewards and their cost in points you can find on the official website of "MegaFon".

From time to time do an online search for current information about changes in the bonus program "MegaFon", as some types of rewards over time, go to the archive service (for example, bonus).

Other ways to use loyalty points

Apart from communication services, reward points you can redeem for a variety of stylish accessories from the company "Megaphone". For example, you can get at the nearest office stylish photo frame, Wi-Fi router, nice Souvenirs with the company logo, and much more. To know the exact value of a "gift" on the website of "MegaFon", a toll-free number or in the company's office near to your house.

Advice 3: How to translate the points into money on the Megaphone

Operator MegaFon offers its customers to take advantage of the special bonus system: for calls to the subscriber's account is credited a certain number of points. Quite often users of a service provider wondering how you can convert your points to money is a Megaphone.
Transfer points can not only in money but also valuable gifts
Points on the Megaphone is made in the following way: for every 30 roubles spent on the account is credited with 1 point; if no negative balance during the month - 2 points; a gift for my birthday – 5 points; use of "Mood" - up to 10 points, etc. for a More extensive list of operations for which the accrual of bonuses, can be viewed on the official website of the operator. To know the current number of points, use the USSD command *115*0# or*100#.
Convert your points into money on the Megaphone, you can use a special USSD-command. Dial *115*(package code)#1 and press the call key. Code package will be the amount in rubles, which you wish to receive. Currently available to subscribers of following packages: 005, 010 (5 or 10 rubles, respectively), 030, 050, (30 or 50 rubles), 100, 150 (100, 150 rubles). Thus, wanting to redeem points for the amount of 150 rubles, dial *115*2*150#. Remember that the possibility of such an exchange does not always exist. Any limitations can be found on the website of the operator or the reference service of the Megaphone.
You can transfer points into money on the Megaphone, calling the number 8-800-550-05-00 (or dial the short number 0500). Navigate to the voice menu "Mobile telephony" and listen to the prompts. To save time, you can immediately go to the "MegaFon bonus" by pressing 5 key. Following the prompts, select and activate a suitable reward.
Take advantage of the personal Cabinet "Service-Guide" on the official website of MegaFon, where it is also possible to get money for the accumulated points. To gain access to the system send to the number 000105 SMS with a code 41. Also login to your account directly from your mobile phone by dialing *105#. Select "MegaFon bonus" and make the exchange of points for money.
Accumulated points can be redeemed not only in money, but also free calls to subscribers of other mobile operators, SMS packs, Internet traffic or various Souvenirs from the operator: pens, flash cards, keychains, mugs and other useful gifts. What incentives are available to subscribers in your region, and how to get them, you can find on the site operator MegaFon under the "spend points".

Advice 4: How to spend the points bonuses from MegaFon

The program "MegaFon-Bonus" allows subscribers of a cellular network "Megaphone" to accumulate pointsthat can be redeemed for telecommunication services or attractive offers from partners of the operator. Points are awarded for the use of mobile services: each 30 rubles spent equal to 1 point. The obtained points will be credited to a special bonus account.
How to spend the points bonuses from MegaFon
The program involves all network users except subscribers with corporate and unlimited tariffs, as well as legal entities. If you want to become a member, send a free sms with numbers 5010 to 5010 room or dial *105# and press "Call".
To see the number of accrued bonus points to you, send an sms with the number 0 to the number 5010. You will soon receive sms-message that contains information about the number of your points.
To activate the bonus points, type the command 0510, click "Call" and then follow the instructions in the auto informant. Thus, it is possible to exchange points for free sms and mms bonus minutes, roaming and Internet traffic.
To activate one of the rewards offered by the operator, is also using sms code sent to the number 5010, or as a set of special commands. Commands and codes vary depending on the form of remuneration. A complete list of commands and codes available on the official website of "Megaphone" in the section on the program "MegaFon-Bonus".
Free sms and mms bonus minutes, roaming and Internet traffic can give other subscribers of a network "Megaphone". For this you need to send for a free room 5010 sms message with the text: [the remuneration Code][Space][Number that you activate]. The number of the subscriber you want to give a reward needs to be written in ten-digit format, i.e., do not contain 8 or +7.
You can transfer points to miles program "Aeroflot Bonus": 1000 bonus points are equal to 500 miles "Aeroflot". Miles "Aeroflot" can be redeemed for flights or privileges from the company "Aeroflot". Detailed list of rewards is presented on the official website of the airline. To activate a reward from the company "Aeroflot", then visit the nearest service center "MegaFon". Bring your passport and the card certifying your participation in the program "Aeroflot Bonus".
Bonus points can also be exchanged on mobile devices, Souvenirs and accessories. The gift list and the address of the office where they can be presented on the official website of "MegaFon". For a gift to bring your passport.
Bonus points valid for one year from the date of accrual. If the validity of the scores it turns out that they automatically charged. When you activate any of the rewards points are consumed based on order of their accrual.
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