Advice 1: How to transfer money via "the Messenger"

You can transfer money at any store of "Svyaznoy", which will require to contact the Manager. The sender is sufficient to have a passport, mobile phone number, to inform the data recipient of the transfer.
How to transfer money via "the Messenger"
Remittances from the company "the Messenger" is currently in no way inferior to the speed, quality and cost of other popular systems, specializing instantaneous transfer of funds in Russia and the CIS. To send the transfer through this trading network, you need to visit any of its stores. In the store you must contact your Manager to inform about the intention to make a transfer to a specific recipient, to specify your own details, all necessary data of addressee. The provision of all personal data only necessary when you first apply for this service, as all subsequent transfers will be made solely on the passport.

What documents and information you need for translation?

At initial contact in the store with the purpose of the money transfer will need to provide your own passport. If the sender has a special card "Svyaznoy-club", and it should be presented to the Manager. In the absence of maps it is enough to tell the mobile phone number in addition to your passport. This information is required only for initial registration, so all translations are carried out by specialists if you have a passport or are issued independently. In addition, you will need to inform the surname, name, patronymic of the addressee, the number of his cell phone, the destination of the transfer. Receipt of funds is carried out in any service system of "Golden Crown", the recipient immediately notified about received for the transfer.

How much is the transfer?

The cost of transfer of funds through Svyaznoy does not exceed the amount of payment for similar services in other money transfer systems. So, to transfer any amounts in Russia established the Commission in the amount of 1.5 percent of the transferred amount, to CIS countries – 2 percent. To pay extra and have nothing, this price is fixed. In this case, after initial registration in the system of transfers possible in the future not to use the services of the Manager and independently to send money via payment terminals, which is enough to enter number of own phone. Any transfers via this system are performed instantaneously, i.e. immediately after the registration of the service recipient can ask for money. On successful receipt of the sender promptly notified by special message.

Advice 2 : How to transfer money via Euroset

The salons of cellular communication "Euronetwork can be found even in a small village. But they not only sell mobile phones and accept payments for services of mobile operators. If necessary, you can transfer money through "Euroset in Russia and CIS countries and around the world.
How to transfer money via Euroset
This opportunity gives you the bonus card "Corn , which is an international payment card system MasterCard. Arrange it in any salon "Euroset . Make the purchase cost from 3 thousand rubles, or buy phone cards in denominations above 100. The same amount you can ask to enroll in to your account on the card "Corn . The operator will ask you only to show the passport and to call the contact number. After 10 minutes the card will be cherished you.
On the phone number called when making the map, you will be sent a password to enter the private office of the payment system, a code word and number cards, which is the password for the IT and telephony. Service the card free.
Ask the person you want to transfer money to a credit card "Corn and myself. In this case, you will be able to transfer money from one card to another anywhere in the world instantly and without interest. To transfer money through "Euroset , present the operator with your card and the cash amount, name surname, name, patronymic, telephone number and card number of the recipient. After a few minutes the money will be credited to his card, as he will be notified via an SMS message. This transfer can be done via the Internet.
If the recipient has no card "Corn or details you were not informed, then the operator it is enough to mention only his surname, name, patronymic and phone number. The money will be available at any point of the issuance of salons "Evroset . In this case, the translation will be taken from the Commission: 1,5% - for Russia and 2% - to CIS countries.
If no passport, no card you can put money in the salons of "Euroset via QIWI-purse of the addressee. The recipient need only go to the QIWI website to transfer the money to any of your Bank cards or accounts, the transfer fee – 2%.
Recently the company "Euroset accepts payments that you can refill and electronic wallet of the beneficiary of the funds in any payment system: WebMoney, RBK Money and "Yandex.Money . For the transfer Commission will be charged at the rate of 2%. Minimum transfer amount – 50 rubles.
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