Despite the fact that the bonus program "MegaFon" is more symbolic, it is perceived by the customers with enthusiasm. The essence of the bonus system is as follows: for each refill of mobile phone account, you get bonus points. They can be spent on free calls within the network and to numbers of other mobile operators, SMS messages, free traffic today, the service is removed from the list) and many more.

How to spend points in Megaphone

Before spending points on the service you want you will need to check the bonus balance. To learn this information in two ways: by sending a USSD-request or by using the service of auto. In the first case, you will need to dial *115#, and then use the numbers to select the desired menu. If you're not used to use queries to short numbers you are at any time unable to dial 0510 and press the call button by going to the voice menu program "MegaFon-Bonus".

It should be noted that the cost of the bonus points of "MegaFon" is 30 rubles. Your bonus balance will be updated automatically after each "throw" money at the expense of mobile phone. Earning a certain number of points, you can activate a particular service. Basically, all the types of rewards that you activated remain valid for one month. If you do not have time to consume them completely, they burn.

Depending on the kind of reward you have to spend a certain amount of bonus points. For example, 10 SMS messages, or 10 outgoing minutes for calls within the network you will have to pay for 25 bonus points. The value of 10 Megabytes is 60 points, etc. a Full table of rewards and their cost in points you can find on the official website of "MegaFon".

From time to time do an online search for current information about changes in the bonus program "MegaFon", as some types of rewards over time, go to the archive service (for example, bonus).

Other ways to use loyalty points

Apart from communication services, reward points you can redeem for a variety of stylish accessories from the company "Megaphone". For example, you can get at the nearest office stylish photo frame, Wi-Fi router, nice Souvenirs with the company logo, and much more. To know the exact value of a "gift" on the website of "MegaFon", a toll-free number or in the company's office near to your house.