You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Open the required message. Locate and click the "Edit" button. In some cases, it may be called Edit, Change, "Change" or similar. The name varies depending on platform and country of residence of the server.
In the editor window, select HTML mode. On some blog platforms, it is called "Source". It is important to include this mode and not "Visual editor".
Find the appropriate link. She probably looks in the editor like this: <a href="">your name</a>. Instead of the old type a new name, based on the context and your imagination.
If your link was not decorated at all (was just an address), use these tags, and the name links to create in accordance with the context.
Check the health links in preview mode. The text should not be seen nothing but a planned name. Click on the link for additional checks (404 error excluded).
Save the updated message and exit the editor. View the new text to make sure it is correct.
In the visual editor, however, to change the name of the links is also possible. For this purpose, other tools. First, open the message to edit and configure mode.
Highlight the link completely. Look in the top toolbar, click manage links. It is arranged as two links of the chain, globe or similar intuitive symbol.
Clicking on it, fill out the following fields. Enter the address links completely (for example, not the main page of the site, and the specific section) and the desired name. Specify additional parameters as necessary and desired.
Check the message in the preview and then save.