You will need
  • - application form for a loan;
  • - passport;
  • - additional document on a choice.
To obtain a loan in the store you need to contact the Manager and inform him of your intention to purchase goods on credit. You will be able to choose the most optimal credit program. Today, Connected has partnered with credit arrangements with four banks, home Credit Bank, Renaissance Credit, OTP Bank and Tinkoff. Each of them offers different from other credit programs as the minimum amount of initial contribution (from 0% to 20%), the maximum term of crediting (before 3 years), and from the point of view of interest rates. Also in the "Connected" you can arrange installments for up to 4 months. If you meet him, it is possible not to overpay for using borrowed money.
Once you decide on the optimal program and learn all the details with the Manager, you need to provide him a passport and any other document at your discretion (tax, law, SNILS, etc.). Together with a specialist you will need to fill out a form for a loan.
After some time (often several minutes) you will learn the Bank's decision about granting you credit. If it was approved, you have to sign a credit agreement, to pay in cash the initial payment and pick up the selected goods home.
To purchase goods on credit and without leaving your home in the Internet-shop "Coherent". This option is available for citizens aged 18 years. To buy on credit any goods more expensive than the 3000 R.
For credit you must click next to the selected item the button "Buy credit". You will then proceed to the design of online questionnaires. Here you will need to provide personal and passport data, information on place of work and monthly earnings. After you specify the contact information you will be able to choose the most optimal program for down payment and loan period. At the same time you apply to several banks cooperating with "the Messenger".
During the day you will get a confirmation from the store about the possibility of purchasing goods on credit. The next day the goods and the credit agreement will be delivered by courier. You will need to present a passport and sign a contract.