Intuition has almost everyone, but someone this feeling is more developed and some less. Whether you to help your inner voice or not, is often dependent on you. If you believe in your intuition, in that it tells the right decisions, you undoubtedly will hear it.

When you have the feeling to make a concrete decision, but in doubt, you need to trust your feeling. After all, when you impose some decisions, and you feel this need to do things differently, it turns out, you suppress your desires. If this is repeated often, then you will cease to believe and hear my intuition, and in the end, your inner harmony will break down.

Learn to trust what you inner voice says, do it more often opting to their intuition rather than logical thinking or beliefs of others.

To learn to hear the inner voice, you must first be willing to hear it. However, do not expect results immediately, like any other skill, intuition needs to be developed and exercise.

To start is to learn to listen to yourself, you will get to stay, close your eyes and feel your inner self. At this point, try not to be distracted by extraneous sounds and not think about your problems, focus on a specific issue that you are worried, stop thinking logically, surrender yourself entirely to your subconscious mind.

Do not think that the decision will come soon, it may come after some time when you are already distracted from this thought. But you immediately understand that he wants to say to you your intuition, as it operates through the senses and feelings. Often our subconscious mind spontaneously when you approach him and never even considered. There is a feeling that you need to do so, and not otherwise, don't be afraid this time to trust your gut feeling.

When you learn how to hear your inner voice, you will notice a change in their life. You are no longer as before to wrestle in solving problems, as your intuition will prompt you the right decision. Trust your subconscious, it knows what you want.