You will need
  • Knowledge of the foundations of introspection, the ability to help people, a pet, a psychologist
Make selfishness in myself.Selfishness is a feeling akin to instinct, the desire to survive in difficult conditions, conscious way on the path to a better life. There is nothing unnatural bad, unless egoism begins to overshadow all the rest of our emotions: compassion, mercy, attention to others, shame, etc. can Not be isolated on the barren love yourself: you need to make it work for yourself.For starters, accept the fact that selfishness is in every. It is important to understand how to guide him in the right direction to get the most poduchowny result for you and for others: this is egoism causes us to be the best of the best to choose a prestigious place of study and accept a good position to provide themselves a bright future.
Try to think about the other person and help him.In the world thousands of people less fortunate than you. If you have achieved a lot, help a neighbor. No need to transfer the entire salary to the account of one of the numerous aid donors: participate in the charity event directly. You can help feed the homeless or raise money to purchase diapers which will be taken to the nearest orphanage. In the social service of your city you podcast whether low-income families who are in need of any assistance. In the end, you can arrange a one-time event or a flash mob: a walk through the historical centre with the wheelchair. Alas, they often see only the outside of the window of his apartment.
Adopt a pet.Of course, just for the sake of pacify the egoismand it is not necessary to bring home a kitten or a rabbit. But if conditions allow, if you have already thought about this - try. Pet will become a member of your family. It is completely up to you: it is impossible to ignore, you cannot continue to live only for themselves. You will have to feed, walk pet at a certain time. It disciplinarum you and force you to think about another creature that loves you and waits.
Become a member of the team.No matter how you implement it: I will start to play in the Quartet on the tube or go camping with your office staff. A sense of community and responsibility for the common cause, help to efficiently use their own resources, and self, by working together, you often have to subdue in order to better execute the job. Try to feel the joint work on some project, you have the sense to consider any solution, even if it contradicts your own installation.