You will need
  • 1. The technique of transurfing
  • 2. The study of psychology
Do not take to heart all the negativity, which is filled with news on radio and TV. This does not mean to become indifferent - just don't allow any external forces to withdraw yourself out of balance. Also try not to pay attention to small troubles. Otherwise, you will only attract negative situations.
Know that your world cares about you. You need to give yourself this setup every day. Believe that everything will be as you wish. When you do this, focus on your achieved goals and your world will take care of how it will be implemented. Don't worry about it.
Ignore the detractors. Believe me, they are doing worse than just yourself. Every time someone behaves negatively towards you, just try not to react.
Send into the world only positive actions and thoughts. Remember that everything in life comes back like a boomerang. Nothing will ever happen just like that. Everyone always has their own reasons and takes something.
Be selective in what you eat. Remember, you are what you eat. Natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey, does not take strength and energy from the person. So, eating these products, you will be sufficiently strong and energetic to enjoy life.
Do not feel guilt. You don't have to berate yourself for any reason. If you have decided that some of the blame, the punishment is sure to follow. So is our mind. You don't have to pay for the mistakes of others.